Our people are the key to our success.

Yorwaste’s achievements and excellent reputation are a direct result of the hard work and commitment of staff.

Offering good working conditions and keeping our people safe and healthy is a top priority.

One of the ways we do this is through our Yorsafety scheme. This is made up of ten basic standards we expect our staff to follow at all times. Wearing the correct personal and protective equipment and not using a mobile phone whilst operating are just two examples of these standards.

Adhering to these standards ensures not just their own safety, but the safety of others as well.

As a company we are making great strides in promoting a health and safety culture throughout the organisation. We tell our staff that no job is too important that it can’t be done safely!

In addition, we encourage staff to come to us with their ‘Bright Ideas’ and we reward them for their efforts if we take up these ideas.

Our YorReward customer referral scheme also rewards the drivers who work for us.

We strive to be a good employer and to create opportunities for local people. For our latest jobs please visit our careers page.

You can also read about some of the people who work for Yorwaste using the links below:

Richard Bate, Head of Commercial Development

Alison Anderson, Assistant to the Directors

Geraldine Lear, Service Delivery Manager

Rachel Stewart, HWRC Operations Manager

Sandy Boyle, Managing Director

Peggy, Anna and Dawn, HGV Drivers

Wayne Cox, Commodities Manager

Steve Midgley, Site Manager

Emma Bagley, Contracts Manager

Kate Anderson, Account Manager

Mick Pringle, Driver

Debbie Swindells, HWRC Senior Supervisor

Peter Frankish, Head of Risk Management

Ed Wilson, MRF Supervisor

Kevin Percival, Driver/Business Development Executive


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We employ over 300 staff across North Yorkshire and the City of York.

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