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The Yorwaste waste management site at Harewood Whin near York, The Yorwaste waste management site at Harewood Whin near York, The Yorwaste waste management site at Harewood Whin near York, North Yorkshire
The Yorwaste waste management site at Harewood Whin near York.

Our commercial recycling services provides the ideal way for your company to manage its business waste while, at the same time, helping the environment.

With environmental concerns such as climate change and carbon footprints at the forefront of public discourse, it has never been more essential for companies to demonstrate their green credentials. Whichever industry you’re in, committing to a carbon-neutral business processes (as far as practically feasible) is important to both your environmental responsibilities and your company’s reputation. Customers expect businesses to be ecologically-friendly and many choose to vote with their wallets.

Recycling waste products from your various processes plays a key role in lowering your carbon footprint and mitigating your impact on the environment. Here at Yorwaste, we provide essential commercial recycling services for businesses across the City of York and North Yorkshire. No matter what sector you belong to and no matter what size your organisation is, we can put together a tailored commercial recycling solution that’s right for you.

Give the team a call today to discuss your commercial recycling needs and let us arrange a free waste audit for your company so you can get a no-obligation quote for our services.

What is commercial recycling?

Commercial recycling involves collecting waste material from businesses and recovering them to our Harewood Whin waste transfer and recycling centre. Here commercial waste is separated and sorted, before being treated and repurposed into new, usable materials. At Yorwaste, we have the facilities and the expertise to handle all manner of commercial waste, including the following:

Commercial Liquid Waste Recycling

Liquid waste can refer to anything from organic oils and grease, through collated sludge deposits and sewage, to hazardous chemicals and tainted wastewater from industrial processes. We supply tankers with specialist suction equipment to collect your liquid waste, taking it to our own recycling facility for treatment and processing.

Commercial Dry Mixed Recycling

Dry mixed waste covers a whole range of commonly discarded items that are better recycled than sent to landfill. These include plastic bottles, drink cans, tins of food, paper, magazines, card, cardboard, and more. In a work environment, these items soon build up. So long as your team deposits them in the appropriate recycling container, our team will collect, sort them, and send them on for recycling.

Glass Recycling

Much of our glass recycling materials come from the hospitality industry, including hotels, B&Bs, pubs, clubs, and more. Really, anywhere that routinely disposes of large quantities of glass, be it in the form of empty bottles or broken glassware. We have access to a wide network of commercial glass recycling centres that will see your discarded glass back in action.

Commercial Food Waste Recycling

We collect commercial food waste from retail outlets, eating establishments, and food production premises. This typically comprises unsold food, as well as peelings, off-cuts, and other food waste. These are taken to local anaerobic digestion, where they are converted into biofuel – a valuable source of renewable energy.

Commercial Wood Waste Recycling

Commercial wood waste comes from manufacturing processes, the forestry and arboriculture industry, and the building trade. We collect any waste wood, shredding what we can into wooden chips for recycling and biomass fuel purposes.

Bespoke Commercial Recycling Solutions

Of course, many companies produce more than one type of commercial waste that they need to send for recycling. Here at Yorwaste, our experienced team puts together hand-tailored packages to meet the unique commercial recycling needs of your business. We work with you to create a solution that is both efficient and cost-effective.

Benefits of commercial recycling

There are many benefits to taking out a commercial recycling package with Yorwsate. These are some of the most important ones, based on extensive feedback from our customers.

Environmental impact

Of course, the main benefit of commercial recycling is that it lets you do your bit for the environment. At present, a little over half of all waste produced in the UK ends up in landfills, where it is left to rot. Environmentally responsible businesses should do all they reasonably can to get those numbers down.

Removal of waste material

From a practical point of view, your commercial recycling package with Yorwaste also includes a collection of your waste material. Whatever waste you produce, letting it build up on company premises is both a fire risk and a general health and safety hazard. Better by far to have it picked up on a regular schedule by trained professionals.

An all-in-one commercial recycling solution

Whether your company produces one type of commercial waste or several different varieties, we can provide a complete commercial recycling package. Following your initial waste audit, our experts will work out the best solution for you.

A regular waste collection schedule

Different companies produce waste at different rates, depending on their individual processes. At Yorwaste, we put together a practical and efficient timetable that ensures your commercial waste is collected and recycled at appropriate intervals.

Commercial Recycling Serving the Following Areas in North Yorkshire:

Our commercial recycling solutions are available to business customers across the City of York and around the main market towns in North Yorkshire. We also serve businesses based in rural communities.

What sectors do you provide commercial recycling services for ?

We cater to the needs of a variety of sectors from hospitality to manufacturing through the broad range of services we provide. This includes: pub waste managementretail waste managementfactory waste managementoffice waste managementrestaurant waste management and manufacturing waste management.

Get a quote today

Yorwaste provides bespoke commercial recycling solutions to businesses across North Yorkshire, including those in the City of York. Send us a message or give the team a call today on 01609 774400 to find out what we can do to help you and your business.

Legal Compliance

The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 require businesses to;

  • Sort and store waste safely and securely
  • Ensure that you or your waste carrier has a valid waste carriers license and are registered to dispose of waste.

Failure to comply can risk a criminal conviction, fines, and seizure of assets. By signing up to Yorwaste you are meeting your obligation without the hassle of navigating through the legislation yourself.

FAQ’s & Help

What sectors do you provide waste management services for?

We work across all industry sectors in the City of York and North Yorkshire. From manufacturing and construction, to the hospitality industry and retail sector. Not to mention, of course, offices, pubs, restaurants, trade units, workshops, and light industrial units. Our dedicated team of drivers and workers travel across the county, collecting and recycling commercial waste from companies in every sector.

Why should I choose Yorwaste?

If you’re based in the City of York or wider North Yorkshire area, nobody offers a more comprehensive commercial recycling service than Yorwaste. We have our own fleet of collection vehicles that handle all manner of commercial waste products. We also have our own waste transfer and recycling centre. Whatever materials we are unable to recycle ourselves, we pass on to trusted partners that share our commitment to protecting the environment.

From a business perspective, we work closely with you to produce a commercial recycling package that offers the best return on investment to your company. We help you save money, eliminate waste, and improve your green credentials, all while complying with existing waste disposal legislation and HSE guidance.

In addition, we provide you with monthly management reports that will keep you informed of our extensive range of sustainable commercial recycling services.

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