Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson Assistant to Directors

Alison Anderson is at Yorwaste for the long haul, just like the holidays she takes.

Ali, as she is known at head office, has been with the company for 14 years and has been witness to a great deal of change, none more so than her own role, that has evolved a lot over the years.

Initially she was an assistant to just two Yorwaste Directors, but now she ‘looks after’ all seven members of the company’s Executive Team.

On top of this, she plays a big part in the smooth running of our head office in Northallerton, and tends to be the person people go to if they need help with anything.

For most of her working career Ali has been a secretary apart from one year working as a credit controller for the mobile phone company Orange (then known as Hutchinson Telecom), which she admits she found difficult, and a few years working in HR which she enjoyed.

Following redundancy from Orange and seeking a new challenge, Ali applied for a job with a company called Yorwaste and the rest, as they say, is history.

Asked to describe a typical day in her life (not that there is such a thing) Ali says: “My main role is to support the executive team, so that can involve arranging meetings, taking minutes, raising purchase orders, organising events, travel and accommodation, pretty much everything.

“I also coordinate and prepare the reports that go to our board and minute these meetings. That’s where my shorthand comes in handy.

“It’s an interesting role because I am often privy to confidential decisions which as a naturally nosey person suits me perfectly.

“But I am also involved in facilities and office management so if there is a light needs replacing or a chair needs ordering , I tend to be the person people come to for help, I then liaise with contractors to ensure whatever needs doing / ordering is done as quickly as possible.”

When she is not at work, Ali enjoys spending time with her husband Mick, walking, going to the cinema and doing spinning classes.

Mick’s mum is from Singapore (his dad met her while he was in the Army) so as a result he and Ali have spent a lot of time travelling in the Far East, visiting places such as India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali and Borneo.

Ali adds: “I just love the different culture of the Far East, the amazing food and guaranteed sunshine.

“It means we have to spend a lot of time cramped in an aeroplane but on the plus side, it means we tend to take our holidays while it is winter in the UK, so everyone’s envious when I come back in February with a great tan!”

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