Wayne Cox

Wayne Cox Commodities Manager

Wayne Cox likens his role to an auctioneer; it’s all about getting the best price for the products he is selling.

But it’s not antiques, paintings or jewellery he is selling –  waste is his commodity.

As Yorwaste’s Commodities Manager, Wayne is responsible for selling the materials we process and recycle at our sites.

In a competitive marketplace, he has to ensure the recyclables are of the highest quality because he wants to get the price for them.

Wayne, 42, explains: “If we have plastic to sell, for example, I will speak to the buyers and they will give me a price for a tonne of material.

“It’s my job to effectively start an auction, so if I know I can get a better price elsewhere I will mention this in the hope they will then offer more.”

Following the screening of The Blue Planet programme last year, which showed tonnes of plastic floating in the world’s seas and oceans, Wayne says plastic in particular has become a big issue.

He adds: “The waste industry used to export lots of plastic to China but they have now banned this so it means alternative destinations have needed to be found.

“Another part of my job is identifying UK outlets for plastics, as well as other material, so as well as selling the recyclables, I also need to visit the sites to make sure they meet the correct quality standards.”

Outside of work, married father-of-two Wayne, who has been with Yorwaste since 2002, enjoys riding motorbikes and is a qualified instructor.

He says: “I am qualified to teach people from 16 and upwards and it’s something I really enjoy.

“My wife and I go riding regularly and we also go to places like the Isle of Man to watch the TT, which is always a great spectacle.”


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