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The Yorwaste waste management site at Harewood Whin near York, The Yorwaste waste management site at Harewood Whin near York, The Yorwaste waste management site at Harewood Whin near York, North Yorkshire
The Yorwaste waste management site at Harewood Whin near York.

Our general waste disposal service will take care of all your non-recyclable waste.

Businesses in the UK are legally required to dispose of their commercial waste safely and securely. Yorwaste helps businesses across North Yorkshire to ensure that their waste is correctly disposed of in the most efficient way possible.

Talk to us today about your commercial waste disposal needs and we can arrange a free waste audit and quote.

What is commercial waste disposal?

Commercial waste disposal is a service offered to businesses that require their waste to be efficiently managed in line with government legislation.

Your legal responsibilities in regards to waste disposal include:

  • Keeping waste to a minimum by doing everything you can reasonably do to prevent, reuse, recycle, or recover waste
  • Sorting and storing your business waste in a safe and secure manner
  • Complete waste transfer notes for every load of waste leaving your premises
  • Ensuring that your waste carrier is properly registered to dispose of waste
  • Preventing your waste carrier from disposing of your waste illegally
  • Attending any additional responsibilities, if you deal with hazardous waste

What is considered commercial waste?

Commercial waste is any waste that is produced from a commercial activity. This even includes paper waste that is produced by a home office.

Other types of commercial waste include:

Liquid Waste, Dry Mixed Recycling, Cardboard Recycling, Glass Recycling, Food Waste and Wood Waste, Green Waste

How do you dispose of commercial waste?

Yorwaste works in tandem with Allerton Waste Recovery Park to ensure that all commercial waste is correctly sorted and disposed of. All the general waste we’ll collect from you will be green, renewable energy – which is used to power homes in North Yorkshire.

How should commercial waste be stored before disposal?

The government requires every business to ensure that they correctly sort and store their business waste. Businesses must:

  • store waste in a secure place
  • use suitable containers that will stop waste escaping
  • label containers clearly with the type of waste they contain
  • use covers to stop waste blowing away
  • use waterproof covers if rain could cause contaminated run-off or prevent the waste from being reused

You’re recommended to store different types of waste separately so that it’s easier to reduce contamination, reuse waste where possible and ensure the correct completion of waste transfer notes.

What types of commercial waste disposal bins are available?

There are a range of commercial waste disposal bins available to businesses, with each suited to storing and disposal of different volumes and types of waste.

High-quality trade waste sacks are best suited for businesses who only produce small amounts of waste, such as home-offices.

We provide two-wheeled bins in 240-litre and 360-litre sizes to cater to busier businesses. These bins ensure that you comply with Environment Protection Act’s requirements for covered bins.

They’re easy to move and are perfect for disposing of food waste, glass waste, general waste and dry mixed recycling.

Our larger four-wheeled bins come in 660-litre and 1100-litre sizes. They hold up to 12 and 18 bin bags respectively. These bins are best suited for larger businesses and those producing more waste such as restaurants and pubs.

Rear End Loader Skips are the largest waste disposal bins we provid, for businesses producing high volumes of compactable waste.

How does commercial waste disposal work?

Our commercial waste disposal will help your business to identify your specific waste storage and disposal needs, whilst ensuring that you’re doing everything you can to prevent, reuse, recycle, or recover waste where possible.

Our in-house assessment will help you create a waste disposal strategy that gives you the right equipment to sort and store your waste, in addition to organising collections that work in tandem with your business.

What is a waste carrier licence, and do businesses need one?

Waste carrier licenses are required by businesses who transport, buy, sell or dispose of waste. Businesses who broker the sale, purchase or disposal of waste must also have a waste carrier license. Registration is free for businesses who only transport waste that they produce themselves.

It’s your responsibility as business owner to ensure that whoever disposes of your waste has the correct waste carrier licence to do so.

Yorwaste is a fully licensed waste carrier who, in partnership with our major shareholder North Yorkshire County Council, is the main supplier of waste to the Allerton Waste Recovery Park.

How much does commercial waste disposal cost?

The cost of commercial waste disposal will depend on the type and quantity of waste that your business produces.

Yorwaste can provide you with a free waste audit to see what opportunities you have to improve your efficiency and cut costs where possible. We’ll provide you with a waste management plan to help you reduce your carbon footprint and save you money.

This waste is taken to the Allerton Waste Recovery Park (AWRP) in North Yorkshire. In partnership with our major shareholder North Yorkshire County Council, Yorwaste is the main supplier of waste to AWRP.

The general waste we collect from you will be converted into green, renewable energy – enough to power the equivalent of 40,000 homes.

So, by choosing ‘Yorlocal’ waste and recycling company, not only will you receive a high quality, value for money service, you will also be making a major contribution to protecting the environment near you.

Commercial Waste Disposal Serving the Following Areas in North Yorkshire:

This service is available to business customers in York, as well as those based in or around the main market towns. We also serve businesses based in rural communities.

What sectors do you provide commercial waste disposal services for?

We cater to the needs of a variety of sectors from hospitality to manufacturing through the broad range of services we provide. This includes: pub waste management, retail waste management, factory waste management, office waste management, restaurant waste management and manufacturing waste management.

Please get in touch for more information or to arrange your free waste audit and quote.

Legal Compliance

The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 require businesses to;

  • Sort and store waste safely and securely
  • Ensure that you or your waste carrier has a valid waste carriers license and are registered to dispose of waste.

Failure to comply can risk a criminal conviction, fines, and seizure of assets. By signing up to Yorwaste you are meeting your obligation without the hassle of navigating through the legislation yourself.

FAQ’s & Help

Why should I choose Yorwaste?

Yorwaste have a large fleet of vehicles and refuse collection drivers. We are ready and waiting to provide you with a complete range of bins, skips and container systems for all your waste needs.

Our dedicated team will work with you to find innovative ways to eliminate, save money and reduce waste - increase recycling levels so you will always be compliant.

We’re committed to sustainability and to being 100% compliant with all local and national regulations. Additionally, we also provide you with a monthly management report that will keep you informed of our sustainable disposal services.

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