Yorwaste managesĀ a network of Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCS) across North Yorkshire and the City of York.

The centres, which we manage on behalf of North Yorkshire County Council and City of York Council, help to maximize local waste diversion for our local authority customers.

Our sites are managed by friendly, motivated and trained staff who help local residents to recycle a range of materials.

As well as accepting residual waste, garden waste and basic dry recyclables, they now also provide many more recycling options for an ever-increasing range of materials that can be recovered and reused.

Materials once regarded as unrecyclable, such as batteries, electrical equipment, textiles, paint, engine and cooking oil, printer cartridges and lightbulbs, can now be deposited at many HWRCs.

The recycling rates at our HWRC’s are high, with some achieving over 90%.

In York, we manage the Hazel Court HWRC and the Towthorpe HWRC.

A full list of the HWRCs we manage in North Yorkshire can be viewed here.

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