Yorwaste provides a complete Commercial Waste Management service to businesses in Whitby. We can give you a detailed appraisal of how best to reduce your waste, and then provide the means for you to do so. Our waste hierarchy system is designed to help your business reduce, reuse recycle or recover your waste.

Yorwaste services in Whitby and District

Yorwaste is proud to offer our waste management and recycling services to Whitby and the North Yorkshire Coast area. Our business waste customers here include shops & retail, food, hospitality & tourism, industrial & commercial, indeed a broad range of industries with companies and organisations large and small.

Our core services are general waste and dry mixed recyclable waste for plastics, cans and paper/card. We can also offer glass, food waste and confidential waste services in some locations.

The waste we collect from YO21 and YO22 is taken to our waste transfer station in Whitby where it is sorted and bulked for onward transportation, either for recycling or for energy from waste, where it will provide power into the national grid for 40,000 homes.

So, if you’re an environmentally conscious business or organisation looking for a trade waste collection and recycling service in and around Whitby you’re in the right place!

Yorwaste offer you a recycling-led commercial waste service with a landfill diversion solution to businesses in Whitby at a competitive price, so please get in touch today for a free no-obligation quotation.

About Whitby

Whitby is a popular and historic seaside town on the east coast of North Yorkshire. Situated in the North York Moors National Park, it has a population of around 13,500 people and has a rich maritime heritage.

There have been recorded settlements here since the Saxon period but the erection of the Abbey in 657 AD marked the birth of the town. Divided by the River Esk, the town splits into two distinct halves joined by a swing bridge. The cobbled old town to the East, and the newer, but still very old, town across the bridge, generally known as West Cliff.

Attractions include the famous 199 steps which take people from the top of Whitby Abbey down into the old town’s maze of narrow streets and shops selling antiques, crafts, and jewellery made from locally mined Whitby jet.

There’s also the Dracula Experience, a nod to the Irish author Bram Stoker who stayed in The Royal Hotel and used the churchyard and town as his inspiration for his famous Gothic novel, which has led to countless more books, television programmes and movies about the blood-drinking Count.

And we can’t forget The Captain Cook Memorial Museum which celebrated the life of the legendary explorer Captain James Cook, who started his adventures whilst living in Whitby.

Whitby is full of quaint tearooms, gift shops and characterful pubs. Popular businesses in Whitby include the world-famous Magpie Café, Whitby Seafoods and the Whitby Gazette newspaper.

Among the biggest events in Whitby is the Goth Weekend and Bram Stoker Film Festival, both of which swell the already impressive tourist numbers in this tourist hotspot.

Why use a waste management service?

All businesses and organisations produce waste. A commercial waste and recycling service helps make managing this so much easier. Your waste will be collected on a regular scheduled collection, treated and disposed of appropriately, giving you reassurance that your waste will not be illegally tipped.

Businesses have a legal obligation to manage their waste responsibly. This includes minimising your waste, sorting and storing waste, transferring and disposal of waste. Find out more about business waste responsibilities.

Dealing directly with a waste management company versus a waste broker can often work out cheaper because you miss out the ‘middleman’ and avoid the commission they add on.

Why choose Yorwaste for your waste and recycling?

Yorwaste is a well-established and reputable waste management company that prioritises ethical and environmentally friendly solutions. We are fully registered with the Environment Agency and authorised for the transfer and disposal of your waste and recycling. We’ll also help your compliance with legal obligations and fulfil your duty of care, for your complete peace of mind.

We will help you reduce your waste with an audit and advise on the most cost-effective methods of dealing with it. And that’s just the start of our service. We offer a range of value-added features to our recycling-led landfill diversion waste collections to benefit our customers.

These range from our Heritage Bins offering bin colour choice, to account management, assistance with corporate social responsibility, joint-branded marketing and PR. This is to emphasise that Yorwaste offer more than just a bin service at a competitive price.

Yorwaste is proud to be a local business servicing a range of businesses and organisations locally throughout North Yorkshire and the City of York. We view waste as a resource, recycling as much as possible and recovering the residue as energy from waste to power 40,000 homes. Yorwaste’s local focus has a number of other benefits, providing local jobs for local people, supporting the local economy and with a local collection and treatment infrastructure, reducing carbon emissions from transporting waste.

For more information about our business waste collections please get in touch and arrange your free, no-obligation quote and waste audit.

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