Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson liked the idea of becoming Yorwaste’s Account Manager so much, she recruited herself to the role.

In her previous job, Kate worked in recruitment and had contacted Yorwaste to discuss the possibility of advertising some of our vacancies with the company she worked with.

However, when she heard about the Account Manager vacancy, rather than advertising it to other people, she decided she wanted the job for herself.

Kate explains: “Up until that point I had worked all my career in recruitment but had got to the stage where there was nothing new to learn and I had nowhere else to go.

“So, when I rang the Yorwaste HR Manager to discuss advertising their current vacancies, when she told me about the account manager role it perked my interest.

“I applied, was successful, and started working for Yorwaste in April this year.”

Kate’s role involves making sure Yorwaste’s 4,500 customers are happy and if they are not, trying to resolve their particular issue/concern.

She adds: “I have already had contact with hundreds of customers and whilst it is a challenge managing everyone’s expectations, I am loving my job.

“In recruitment, I was responsible for bringing in leads and my job ended there, but now I am able to follow the customer journey right through, which is great.

“Delivering excellent customer services looks the same where ever you are, it’s only the delivery that changes, and we are making great strides at Yorwaste in delivering on what we say.”

In her spare time, Kate, 38, who lives in York, enjoys socialising and walking, with the Lake District one of her favourite getaway destinations.

She recently walked 41.5 miles for charity, raising £1,000 in the process, although she says her feet are still paying the price!

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