Fact-finding tour

Staff working at Yorwaste’s household waste recycling centres are being taken on a fact-finding tour to make them even more knowledgeable about what happens to the waste after it leaves the HWRC.

In a new initiative, we are inviting staff to visit the sites where waste is processed after it is collected from the household waste recycling centres.

In the first visit, we took West Harrogate HWRC Operatives Samantha and Russel to our waste transfer station at Halton East.

Here, with the help of Area Supervisor James Light, they saw hook-lift vehicles tipping 40 yard containers and compactors which are picked up from the network of HWRC’s we operate on behalf of North Yorkshire County Council.

They were shown how much potential recycling was left in the general waste and why it is important to avoid contamination in material such as green waste, wood and cardboard.

Steve Midgley, Tancred Area Manager, said: “The whole idea of this initiative is to show staff working at our household waste recycling centres what happens to the waste when it leaves the site.

“Whilst they all have a good idea as they need to be able to discuss segregation and recycling with members of the public, by visiting one of our processing facilities they get an even bigger picture of the whole process.

“Hopefully they can then go back to the HWRC’s and take what they have learned on the fact-finding tour to further improve the quality of recycling which comes from the sites.”

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