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Yorwaste has the expertise and resources to provide range of integrated waste and recycling aimed at protecting and enhancing the environment. If you know the type of service you require then select from the drop down menu.

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Yorwaste works across a number of different sectors, offering a genuine partnership approach to dealing with waste in an environmentally friendly way. If you are unsure about the type of service that will best suit your business choose a service sector from the drop down menu.


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About us

Money saving waste and recycling services from Yorwaste

Yorwaste Waste Management and Recycling Limited

Yorwaste specialises in creating environmentally sound waste management and recycling solutions for our customers across the UK.

We see waste a resource that, wherever possible, needs to be recovered, recycled and re-used and to this end we invest continually in the latest state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate this recovery.

Key facts and figures for 2014/15:

  • We diverted 70% of all material handled from going to landfill
  • We produced 53,355 MWh of green electricity from the capture of landfill gas
  • We now have over 9.32MW of electricity generating capacity at our landfill sites, producing enough power to supply almost 20,000 households.
  • We provided grants, through Yorventure, of £595,824 to fund community projects near our landfill sites.
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