You’re live in five Ms Anderson

My colleagues joke that when they read my social media posts it appears that I spend much of my time having breakfast or lunch in nice venues in and around York.

Well I guess I kinda do, but there is a method to this particular madness.

Networking is a key part of the job I do and as an active member of the York Chamber of Commerce, these events help me to connect with existing and potential future Yorwaste customers. I also like the challenge of convincing a room full of people to talk to me and listen to how brilliant Yorwaste is!

The average number of people who attend these events is 45-50, but it’s not uncommon to have over 100, and this was the case in December when the Chamber held its Christmas lunch at The Principal Hotel in York.

It was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with many Yorwaste customers and answer their questions about their service and our plans for 2020, as well as working on those customers whose contracts with other providers are coming to an end and explaining why moving to Yorwaste makes good business sense – plus they get me as their account manager, so it’s win, win really!

These networking meetings also give people the chance to fire their waste questions at me. Kate, what do I do with my pizza box? Kate, can I recycle a margarine tub? Kate, what happens to my plastic waste? Kate, how do we ensure world peace?

Ok, I made that last one up but put it this way, if I ever get asked to appear on Mastermind, then waste would be my specialist subject!

Much of my December was actually not taken up having lunch, but in the office, doing admin and ensuring that customers understood what was happening with their waste over the festive period when collection dates changed etc.

I was also very pleased to begin implementing one of new contracts, with Broadacres Housing Association. This involved visiting the new additional sites where we will be collecting waste to ensure everything is ready to go when the contract officially starts in January.

And, after making my media debut when we launched our Women of Waste initiative, I obviously so impressed the powers that be at Yorwaste because I was called into action again in December when we announced our Santa ReUse campaign.

This involved asking people to bring unwanted toys into our household waste recycling centres, before we took them to Martin House Hospice where they were to be resold to raise money for this great local charity.

We had a fantastic response to the campaign, so it was a pleasure giving an interview to BBC Radio York about it, although I didn’t realise until just minutes before that the interview was being done live.

It was nerve-wracking but I managed to get through it without making a mistake or swearing, so that’s another new experience ticked off my list.

I wonder what 2020 has in store……..

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