Silage Wrap Saturday

Yorwaste’s first Silage Wrap Saturday of 2018 will be on 20th January at our Thirsk depot.

This will be followed by events on 3rd March, 7th April, 19th May and 30th June.

This popular event attracted over 300 farmers last year from across the North Yorkshire area bringing their recyclable non-hazardous farm wastes. It guarantees them a regular and consistent outlet for such waste, which could be difficult or expensive for them to dispose of otherwise.

For a small administration fee, farmers can bring in their waste silage wrap, fertiliser bags & plastic liners (separated), plastic feed bags, cardboard and cardboard cores, which will be recycled as appropriate.

There will be a renewed focus on farm compliance for 2018, with all participants required to register as a Waste Carrier and complete a waste transfer note for each load of non-hazardous waste moved from farm premises and brought to us for recycling. Guidance notes on this are available upon request.

Numerous similar events have been run by Todd Waste Management over the last four years, resulting in approximately 200 tonnes of waste plastics and cardboard being diverted from disposal each year. Following the acquisition of Todd Waste Management Group by Yorwaste in June 2017, the company has pledged to continue the events with planned dates for Silage Wrap Saturdays throughout 2018.

It is hoped to extend the event to other Yorwaste waste transfer stations in due course.

Timed slots are still available for the morning of 20th January. To book a slot, telephone Customer Services on 0845 300 8889 or email Customer Services.

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