Yorganics Compost is a 100% recycled, peat free, locally sourced and produced compost made by Yorwaste and also its sister company SJB Recycling.

We recycle garden waste from householders across the Yorkshire region into this high quality compost. Furthermore, it meets the British Standards Institution (BSI) PAS100 standard.

Yorganics is suitable for use in arable and grassland farming systems. Significantly, it provides a real benefit to agricultural sustainability and productivity. It is also ideal for horticultural and domestic use.

The full Yorganics product range is as follows:

  • Garden Compost – 40l bags, ideal for your garden
  • 30mm soil conditioner – available in bulk for the agricultural sector
  • 10mm soil conditioner – available in bulk for the horticultural market

If you would like to buy Yorganics compost, or would like more information, please call us on 0845 300 8889 or email our Customer Services Team.

In addition, you can visit the Yorganics website for more detailed information.

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