Recycling challenge

Yorwaste is issuing a recycling challenge to its customers.

We’ve all seen the media stories regarding the crisis in recycling, with images of ocean plastics and developing countries heaving under the burden of poor quality ‘recyclate’ which, frankly, cannot currently be recycled.

Set against this background, Yorwaste are responding to the challenge to improve the quality of material sent for recycling. And we need your help to achieve this.

The recycling industry is currently only able to recycle certain grades of plastics, together with clean cans, paper/card and glass. If waste doesn’t meet the standard, it goes for disposal. Here in North Yorkshire, such material is recovered as energy from waste. In some other areas, it may go to landfill or worse, be exported to other countries that may be less able to process it than the UK.

Unfortunately, some perfectly recyclable material is also being disposed of, simply because it is dirty and contaminated by other non-recyclable waste. Calls are being made for improved standards in recyclable waste and Yorwaste have committed to respond to that challenge.

How you can help

If you have a Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) collection by Yorwaste, you can help by only placing items in your bin that are collected for recycling. In addition, ensuring such waste is clean, dry and loose, not packed into boxes or bags before binning them. The only exception to this is if your DMR collection is in bin bags instead of a wheelie bin, in which case the bags must be of the transparent kind supplied by Yorwaste.

From February, our collecting crews may refuse to empty bins that have been contaminated with non-recyclable material, or if the waste is excessively dirty or wet. Anyone leaving a DMR bin or bag in this way will be notified why their waste has not been collected and invited to sort it, after which the bin will be emptied on the next scheduled collection.

Recycling, the environment and climate change are all linked. Of course, some issues are of a much larger scale, requiring action at governmental level. However, we can all play a part in managing this crisis and small actions are important too.

We hope you will want to assist Yorwaste in improving the quality and quantity of waste material that is recycled.

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