Recognition of Waste Sector

The waste sector, among other key workers, continues to gain recognition for its work in the frontline during the coronavirus outbreak, with some experts suggesting that public recognition could become a permanent feature of the pandemic.

Waste industry specialists have said that the lockdown has forced people into remaining in their homes where they are able to see first-hand the work done by the sector.

Stephen Bates, director of the Mobius Agency and Resources & Waste Advisory Group, said that waste is a “ubiquitous thing that everyone produces. Waste management is a largely invisible endeavour. People don’t see it because it’s so much part of our life. Most people don’t see their waste crews because they aren’t awake or are at work and school when the guys and girls come to empty their bins.

“The lockdown has forced everyone to stay at home, so they are seeing the guys still out when everyone’s been told it’s safer to stay at home.”

Richard McIlwain, deputy CEO of environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, said: “It’s wonderful to think that something as simple as a cheery note of recognition and thanks pinned to a bin can put a smile on the face of those staff who are working diligently outdoors, throughout the year and in all weathers to keep our country clean and litter-free. “I hope this is the beginning of a wider recognition of the essential service waste collection teams provide and their role in helping us reduce waste and recycle more.”

It’s not just public recognition either. The Prime Minister paid tribute to bin crews among other health, care and key workers during his address on 10th May and Yorwaste were pleased to receive a letter from the Environment Secretary, thanking those of us in the waste and recycling industry for our “vital service” at this challenging time.

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