North Yorkshire racecourse

An environmentally conscious North Yorkshire racecourse is targeting a further improvement in recycling for the 2020 flat season.

Working in partnership with local waste provider Yorwaste, Ripon Races is taking a recycling-led approach when it comes to dealing with the waste generated by people attending ‘Yorkshire’s Garden Racecourse’.

It follows the introduction for the first-time last year of colour-coded waste and recycling bins.

The bins, which clearly state different materials which should be put in them, had a positive impact on race-goers and Ripon Races is expecting this to improve even further once the 2020 season gets the go-ahead to start when restrictions caused by the Coronavirus are lifted.

Carl Tonks, Head Groundsman at Ripon Races, said: “Last year was the first time we had used the colour coded bins and inevitably it took people a while to get used to putting their waste in the correct container.

“But by the end of the season it was great to see people being so diligent when it came to separating their waste and recycling rates were much higher than previous years.

“12 months later and race-goers are now going to be even more aware of the need to be responsible when it comes to disposing of their waste and we expect recycling figures to increase even further in the 2020 season.”

To make it as easy as possible for people to recycle, Yorwaste has provided bins in which paper, including newspaper and race-cards, and plastic bottles and glasses can all be put in one container.

Glass is put in separate containers and all this recyclable material is collected by Yorwaste and taken just over 20 miles to the company’s waste transfer station at Harewood Whin, on the outskirts of York, where it is sorted and separated before being taken for final recycling.

General waste bins, which mainly include food waste, are also collected and this waste is taken just over ten miles away from Ripon Races, to the Allerton Waste Recovery Park, near Knaresborough, where it is converted into green electricity.

Matthew Pearson, Yorwaste’s Head of Commercial Operations, said: “Ripon Races is an excellent example of a customer which has taken a recycling-led approach to dealing with its waste, and this is now paying dividends.

“We’re delighted to be working in partnership with the racecourse to help educate race-goers about the importance of separating their waste cleanly, so as much material as possible can be recycled.

“We would like to thank them in advance for supporting this effort again in 2020.”

In addition to encouraging recycling, Ripon Races is once again running its Green Scheme in 2020. This will see people who cycle or take public transport to and from the course receiving a £5 discount off admission.

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