Modern slavery

Yorwaste is one of only 8.7% companies in the UK to have complied with the law by disclosing the measures it is taking to tackle modern slavery in the workplace.

The Modern Slavery Act compels companies to publish statements detailing the steps they are taking to prevent people being forced to work against their will.

Yorwaste published its statement in May 2019, but an assessment carried out in July this year revealed that it is in the minority when it comes to meeting its legal obligations.

The Transparency In Supply Chains Report (TISCreport) shows that only 8.7% of companies in the UK have met the minimum compliance criteria.

And the TISCreport has now released a ‘Companies in Compliance List’ which names Yorwaste as one of the 1,013 best-performing companies. Other companies on the list includes well-known brands, such as Next, Burberry, John Lewis Partnership, Amey, ASDA, Samsung Electronics, and Honda.

The idea of the list is to enable “companies that are unsure of the minimum compliance criteria” to learn from others on how they can improve their modern slavery statement.

Emma Bagley, Yorwaste Contracts Manager, said: “We’re delighted to be among the list of companies to be praised for complying with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act.

“The waste management industry can be attractive to people who perpetrate slavery, servitude, forced labour and human trafficking, so Yorwaste recognises the need to adopt a robust approach to this type of crime.

“We operate a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery of any kind within out operations and supply chain and as part of our commitment we have developed and implemented an anti-slavery policy which reflects our promise to work ethically and with integrity within our business relationships.

“We make sure our suppliers are aware of our policy and adhere to the same standards.”

Andrew Wallis, CEO at Anti-Slavery charity Unseen, said: “It is staggering that such a small number of companies have complied with the law of the land when it comes to disclosing the measures they are taking to tackle modern slavery in their supply chains and business practices.

“The law was designed to encourage businesses to begin to proactively engage with the issues, level the playing field so that all businesses would respond, encourage innovation in their responses to the issue and disclose what they were doing to tackle forced labour exploitation.”

The TISCreport UK Modern Slavery Act Companies in Compliance List 2019 can be viewed here.

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