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Yorwaste provides a complete Commercial Waste Management service to businesses in Harrogate. We can give you a detailed appraisal of how best to reduce your waste, and then provide the means for you to do so. Our waste hierarchy system is designed to help your business reduce, reuse recycle or recover your waste.

The waste we collect from HG1 is taken to one of our waste transfer stations in North Yorkshire where it is sorted and bulked for onward transportation, either for recycling or for energy from waste, where it will provide power into the national grid for 40,000 homes.

So, if you’re an environmentally conscious business or organisation looking for a trade waste collection and recycling service in and around Harrogate you’re in the right place!

Yorwaste offer you a recycling-led commercial waste service with a landfill diversion solution to businesses in Harrogate at a competitive price, so please get in touch today for a free no-obligation quotation.

About Harrogate

Harrogate is a quintessential Yorkshire town with a population of 160,000, which became known as ‘The English Spa’ in the Georgian era, after its waters were rumoured to be discovered in the 16th century, however the first written word of them can be found in Edmund Deane’s book: Spadacrene Anglica, or the English Spa Fountain (published in 1626). In the 17th and 18th centuries its ‘chalybeate’ waters (containing iron) were a popular health treatment, and the influx of wealthy but sickly visitors contributed significantly to the wealth of the town. Whilst the notion of taking a spa retreat in Harrogate might have been consigned to the history books, the town remains popular with visitors and locals, leading to many thriving businesses in the area.

Whilst there are a number of spas in Harrogate (including the flagship Turkish Baths Harrogate, built in 1897!), the town should be considered a tourist attraction in itself. People visit for its quaint streets, historic houses and landscaped gardens. The well-preserved ruins of Fountains Abbey are a short drive from the town centre, as well as some of the country’s finest historic homes, including Harewood House and Ripley Castle.

Alongside this, the town is full of great independent shops, glorious antique stores and top-class cosy pubs serving excellent beer, all surrounded by rolling green hills. Betty’s Café Tea Rooms is a local institution, the Nidderdale Museum is always worth a visit, as is RHS Garden Harlow Carr, a gorgeous 58-acre garden and woodland at the foot of the Yorkshire Dales. Harrogate also has a world-class convention centre which regularly plays host to some of the UK’s biggest events and conferences including live concerts and hobbyist fairs. Business tourism has been well supported by the town since the convention centre was built in 1982; events held in Harrogate attract 200,00 visitors a year by themselves.

Harrogate Waste Statistics

There are over 9000 businesses in Harrogate, which hire more than 72,000 people across the region, all of which combine to create tonnes and tonnes of business waste each year. Thankfully, the people of Harrogate have shown over the years that they are more than willing to pull their weight when it comes to managing their waste efficiently, and statistics released by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs show that the Harrogate district frequently outperforms other parts of the country. Back in 2014/2014, 40.3% of all household waste was sent to reuse, recycling or compost, nearly 7 percentage points higher than the English minimum, but unfortunately quite far beneath the maximum of 49.3% which other regions in England have managed to achieve. Flash forward to the most recent statistics and Harrogate has managed to improve this number by .5% to 40.80% bringing it that bit closer to the national average of 42.89%. Whilst this might not seem like much of an improvement, it’s worth noting that there were years in between where these number dipped drastically (to as low as 38.9%) and they remain much higher on average than regions such as London and the North East.

Since the release of the most recent statistics, some changes to the way Harrogate’s household waste disposal is managed has taken place. Refuse collection has been switched to alternate week collection (the same frequency as recycling collection) and residents now have 240 litre wheeled bins to collect their waste, as opposed to solely relying on black sacks. They can also make the most of free garden waste collection for 9 months of the year (which 43,000 green-fingered residents have chosen to do!).

Unfortunately, some of these wide-scale changes did lead to a few hiccoughs early on. Stray FM reported in August 2019 that more than 2500 waste collections were missed in the month before (an 855% increase on complaints compared to the previous month). Some communities reported that they had not had their household refuse taken for over a month! Thankfully, these issues were ironed out by the Harrogate Borough Council and the new service now runs more efficiently than ever!

Famed local bottled water business, Harrogate Water, have also done their part in reducing the amount of waste that they produce and to reduce the overall footprint of their business. Starting in April 2018, Harrogate Water committed to ensuring that all their water bottles were made with 50% recycled plastic. The local business is using polyethylene terephthalate to make their bottles now, which reflects their long-standing commitment to the environment (Harrogate Water have been using 50% recycled glass for years already).

Why choose Yorwaste for your waste and recycling?

Yorwaste is proud to offer our waste management and recycling services to Harrogate. Our business waste customers here include shops & retail, food, hospitality & tourism, industrial & commercial, indeed a broad range of industries with companies and organisations large and small.

Our core services are general waste and dry mixed recyclable waste for plastics, cans and paper/card. We can also offer glass, food waste and confidential waste services in some locations.

In addition to providing a recycling-led waste service to local businesses, Yorwaste can also provide Skip and Hook Lift hire, Liquid Waste Management, Household Waste Recycling, Wood Recycling and Road Sweepings. We create our own 100% recycled, peat-free, locally sourced and produced compost in conjunction with our sister company, SJB Recycling and also lead the way with our Green Waste Composting Centres and Waste Transfer Stations.

For more information about our business waste collections please get in touch and arrange your free, no-obligation quote and waste audit.

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