Heritage bins

YORK Minster has become the first to sign up to Yorwaste’s new heritage bins service which offers businesses and organisations the choice of ordering coloured waste bins designed to blend in with their surroundings.

Coming in a variety of colours, the bins provide the opportunity of having bins more in keeping with the environment they are in.

Yorwaste is believed to be the first in North Yorkshire to offer this service.

In York Minster’s case, they opted for black bins because they are situated behind Victorian Grade 2 listed black railings near the Chapel House.

York Minster’s Director of Works and Precinct, Alex McCallion, said: “We are delighted to be working with Yorwaste to improve the appearance of our back of house space.

“Waste collection bins are a necessity in any organisation, but when one needs to consider the impact on a significant heritage asset, in our case the magnificent Minster which is both a Grade 1 Listed building and Scheduled Ancient Monument, simple things like the aesthetics of our bins is particularly important.

“We have already received many compliments on the visual improvement these bins have made to the Chapter House car park where they are stored”.

Yorwaste Business Development Executive Liz Thompson said: “Whether it is historic cities like York or Ripon or centuries old market towns such as Richmond, Thirsk, Helmsley and Leyburn, we are lucky to operate in one of the most beautiful areas of the UK.

“Our Heritage Bins are designed to be sympathetic to the surrounding environment, giving our customers a solution which meets their specific needs.

“So, for example, we can supply bins that blend in against stone, or the countryside, or in the case of York Minster they are a similar colour to the historic railings they sit behind.

“All businesses need to have waste bins, so our new service is about providing a choice of colours which best complements their particular area.”

Councillor Andrew Waller, City of York Council’s Executive Member for the Environment, has backed the Heritage Bin initiative.

He said: “It’s good to see bins being offered which will blend in with the background, which is very important in an historic city like York.

“They will enable businesses and organisations to take ownership of their particular streetscape, ensuring a positive visual effect for everyone.”

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