It’s the time of year when over 200,000 people descend on a patch of land in Somerset, pitch up their tents, wade through mud (although the weather is quite good for a change this year) and listen to music for five days.

Yes, we’re talking about Glastonbury, the music festival which began in 1970 with tickets costing £1 to see the headline act by T-Rex and this year will see people pay £228 for a ticket to see headliners Stormzy, The Killers and The Cure.

It’s estimated that once the festival has ended, there’s enough litter to fill half a million bags of rubbish and more than 1,000 tonnes of recycling left on the site. The festival gets rid of rubbish by recycling, but single-use plastics can’t be recycled and may end up in landfill and our oceans.

In the light of the Blue Planet programme, that is no longer deemed acceptable, so this year the organisers have banned the sale of plastic drink bottles across the festival site. It is estimated that the ban will save the million bottles that would otherwise been sold and instead festival-goers will be served by 850 water taps and dozens of water kiosks, using purpose-built water reservoirs.

That’s fantastic news but people attending the festival can do even more to help the environment.

We are all now used to recycling at home and work, but recycling when we’re out and about and on the go is just as important. It’s not always as easy but before you go to Glastonbury, or anywhere else, think first about reducing and reusing your waste.

Avoid buying goods wrapped in excessive packaging, switch to reusable cups and bottles and even try to take waste home with you, after all, why should someone else have to deal with the rubbish you leave behind?

If you want to know other ways of improving your recycling when you are on the go, have a look at our latest infographic.

By repeating the mantra, reduce, reduce and recycle, we can go all do our bit to help protect this small planet of ours, after all it does rock!!

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