employee referal scheme

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Earn extra money and help us grow with our Employee Referral Scheme

Refer a business to our commercial collections services via our online lead form and earn up to 10% of the first 12 months value of new contracts if they sign up.

If it doesn't work out at any stage, don't worry. You can always try other businesses without limit.

How it works...

  • Fill in the business's details1.) Fill in the business's details
  • employee leads2.) Receive confirmation
  • employee leads3.) Keep up to date with contracts
  • employee leads4.) Get Paid!

T & C’s

The cash rewards earned through our Employee Referral Scheme will be subject to all applicable National Insurance and tax withholdings in accordance with current salary compensation policies. Payment in full will be issued following the successful completion and confirmation of service initiation by our service success team.


The Employee Referral Commission Scheme is a non-contractual benefit available to employees as set out in the Scope of this policy. The Company reserves the right to review, amend or withdraw the scheme at any time.