Cycling and walking path

A new cycling and walking path has been officially opened thanks to a grant of £76,777 provided by Yorwaste’s environmental arm.

People living in Rufforth, near York, now no longer need to walk or cycle on a busy road following the opening of the last stretch of a new traffic-free route.

The 400-metre cycling and walking path was funded by Yorventure, the environmental body which distributes funds generated from Yorwaste’s landfill operations.

The path joins up to the Moor Lane bridleway which was extended in 2014 following an investment of £130,000 by Yorventure, Yorwaste, City of York Council, Rufforth with Knapton Parish Council and sustainable transport charity Sustrans.

It means that people living in the village now have a traffic-free route to the centre of York for the first time since the construction of the A1237. In future it is envisaged the path will become part of the National Cycle Network

The new stretch of the path, which was also supported by City of York Council, the Parish Council and Sustrans was opened by Hilda Atkinson, who has lived in the village for 58 years

Angela Pease, Yorventure Community Projects Manager, said: “Yorventure and Yorwaste Ltd are delighted to have been involved in supporting this exciting project.

“We would like to thank everyone involved for their work over a prolonged period to bring this project to fruition.”

Geoff Derham, Yorwaste Group Operations Director, said: “Yorwaste is committed to supporting local communities in its areas of operation, so we are pleased to have been able to provide funding, through our landfill operations, towards the cycling and walking path.”

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