Customer satisfaction survey

The winner of the draw for people who completed our first customer satisfaction survey is caravan park owner Andrew Walker.

It’s drawing towards the end of the season for Andrew at hisHighfield Farm Caravan Park at Tunstall near Catterick.

It’s been a successful season for Andrew and his wife Louise, despite the extremes of weather we have had in 2018, but as the winner of a Chilly’s Bottle for completing our customer satisfaction survey, it doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold because the revolutionary resuable bottle they have received will keep their drinks warm for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours!

Andrew and Louise have owned the caravan park since 2010 and all that time, they have entrusted their waste management to Yorwaste. And they’re satisfied with the service they have been getting, according to Andrew’s response to our recent survey.

“Ours is a seasonal business,” said Andrew. “We send a message to Yorwaste in the spring telling them when our season starts and bin collections are to begin, and another in the autumn saying when we close and collections are to end. Between times, we get our bins emptied on Thursday mornings and the service is okay.”

The response to our survey was good, with almost 20% of the 700 customers randomly selected to take part giving us their comments.

Whilst the majority of customers are satisfied, not every customer is as happy as Andrew though. Complaints ranging from missed collections to billing issues were fed back to us. We also got comments suggesting misconceptions about the way your waste is processed and disposed of – we recycle as much as possible with unecyclable waste going to energy generation; no business waste is sent to landfill.

Every respondent’s comment has been read and responded to, whilst more serious complaints will be investigated.

Most importantly, Yorwaste are keen to note and improve our customer service shortcomings. So the feedback has been invaluable and thanks to all our customers who did respond, whether positive or negative.

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