How will Todd Waste Management Group change?

Todd Waste Management Group (TWMG) is simply being fully adopted into the Yorwaste group and as such will allow all TWMG customers the opportunity to benefit from the wider commercial and operational benefits which Yorwaste enjoy. On a practical level the range and quality of services provided to you will remain unaffected with the aim of the group now being to improve under the wider company activities.

What are the main benefits of the integration?

Yorwaste is wholly owned by North Yorkshire County Council and City of York County Council.

The integration is the joining of the existing Todd Waste Management Group services and the benefits of the wider group. This creates a customer focused, high calibre service driving efficiencies from greater resources to deliver a cost effective solution for you. The group has access to the latest technologies, markets and waste management know how to ensure legislative compliance and service excellence.

Will Todd Waste Management Group be changing its name?

No. Having said that your invoice from the group will change as you will either be invoiced by North Yorkshire County Council or Yorwaste. Further details will be sent out to you individually over the course of the next 10 days explaining in more detail who your contract will be with and therefore who will be billing you.

When will this happen?

Sunday 3rd December 2017

Will I need to do anything as a Todd Waste Management Group customer?

No. The benefits of your current contract will automatically be assigned to North Yorkshire County Council or Yorwaste on the 3rd of December 2017.

I have my waste collected by Todd Waste Management Group, so what does this mean to my business?

The only change that the majority of Todd Waste Management Group (TWMG) customers will see is that from Sunday the 3rd of December your contract will be assigned to either Yorwaste or North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) and you will then be invoiced directly by either NYCC or Yorwaste for the services you receive from the Yorwaste Group. Your waste will continue to be collected and disposed of by TWMG or Yorwaste. All affected customers will be written to individually to advise them of the change in circumstances and all service related issues must still be reported directly to the Yorwaste Group.

Will there be any operational changes?

In principle no.

The integration will not lead to any fundamental changes to the services we provide. The only change is that, in most cases, North Yorkshire County Council will be the legal provider of the services in the future and the Yorwaste Group will work on behalf of NYCC as a sub-contractor. In practice, you may see some small changes for example different people or vehicles will collect your waste and for some customers at different times or days. Should you be one of our customers with a different collection day we will be writing to you over the course of November to advise of this change and manage this process with you individually.

Will I be dealing with different people?

In the vast majority of cases no as the integration has led to only very minor changes in personnel and roles. What the integration has led to though is a larger planning and customer services team centralised out of the Todd Waste Management Group (TWMG) offices in Thirsk. This should allow us to deal with your enquiries quicker and more efficiently along with also broadening the level of knowledge within the service delivery team. The contact numbers you currently have for TWMG or Yorwaste will remain and likewise all of our operational hubs will also remain active.

Will the changes result in an immediate increase in the price I pay for my waste collections?

No. A review of our pricing structure and rates will remain as is with any price changes communicated to customers before the new financial year in April 2018.

Do I need to amend my Direct Debit details?

No, all Direct Debit mandates will automatically transfer over.

I pay by BACS. What changes will I need to make?

If you pay by BACS please continue to use the bank account details you currently have. You will be written to directly with new BACS details in due course. If you have not received a letter by the 1st December, please contact our Credit Control team on 01609 774400.

I pay for my waste services by cash/credit card. How does this affect me?

You will be contacted shortly with new details. Until then, please continue to pay in the same way. Cheques should be made payable to Todd Waste Management Group Ltd. If you have not received a letter by the 1st December, please contact our Credit Control team on 01609 774400.

Who do I contact if I have any queries about the integration or anything else?

Please call the Yorwaste Group customer services team on 01845 523 131 or email or

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