Bin to bulb

A group of key Yorwaste customers were recently shown what happens to their waste at a special ‘bin to bulb’ behind the scenes tour.

Representatives from York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, York Barbican, TSYS, CGC Events/York Racecourse, BATA and Caw Ingredients were our guests at our latest ‘bin to bulb’ open day.

This involves showing key customers how waste facilities work so they have a full understanding of what happens to the waste we collect from them and the ‘journey’ their waste takes.

The day started with a tour of Yorwaste’s flagship Harewood Waste facility, near York. Here, our customers were able to see how their recyclables are handled via our Materials Recycling Facility. Harewood is also the place where general (black bag) waste is initially brought, before being transferred a few miles down the road to the Amey Allerton Waste Recovery Park.

Customers were then taken to Allerton, where they were given a special behind the scenes tour hosted by Amey, who run the Park. Here they were able to see the process that transforms their general waste into electricity – hence the title ‘bin to bulb’.

This was only the second bin to bulb event we have held, but the feedback we receive to them is excellent.

Hugh Stelmach, from York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “It gives a fascinating insight into what happens to the waste which is collected form our sites; the key message being that no waste now needs to go into landfill.”

Paul Hughes, Deputy General Manager at York Racecourse Hospitality for CGC, said: “At York Racecourse we have been working closely with Yorwaste to improve recycling and to encourage customers to segregate their waste properly.

“Having visited Harewood Whin and Allerton Park, we can now take back what we have learned to ensure we become even more focused on recycling as much waste as possible.”

Yorwaste Account Manager Kate Anderson, who leads the Bin to Bulb days, said: “We always get a fantastic reaction to this event because whilst our customers are already very knowledgeable about waste and recycling, it’s only when we take them behind the scenes that they see the process involved in recycling or recovering their waste.

“The aim is to reinforce the importance of segregating waste properly, so it makes our job easier when it comes to our site for processing.

“With Allerton Park, we now have a facility where any non-recyclable, black bag waste can be treated and transformed into green electricity which is fed back into the National Grid.

“So, it means by recycling or recovering our customers’ waste, we can offer a zero waste to landfill solution which has major, positive environmental benefits.”

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