The graphics below show the bin range we are able to offer to our business waste customers in North Yorkshire and the City of York. If you would like to discuss your specific trade waste collection requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Trade Waste Sacks

Pre-paid trade waste sacks are great for any business that is short on space or produces small quantities of waste.

Image of  Trade Waste Sacks
240-litre Wheelie Bin

Holds up to 5 bin bags

Capacity (Cubic) 52.8gal 0.24m³
Height 41.9" 106.5cm
Width 22.8" 58cm
Depth 28.9" 73.5cm
Image of  240-litre Wheelie Bin
360-litre Wheelie Bin

Holds up to 7 bin bags

Capacity (Cubic) 95.1gal 0.36m³
Height 43.3″ 110cm
Width 23.6″ 60cm
Depth 34.6″ 88cm
Image of  360-litre Wheelie Bin
660-litre Wheelie Bin

Holds up to 12 bin bags

Capacity (Cubic) 146gal 0.66m³
Height 47.75″ 121.3cm
Width 54″ 137.3cm
Depth 30.5″ 77.6cm
Image of  660-litre Wheelie Bin
1100-litre Wheelie Bin

Holds up to 18 bin bags

Capacity (Cubic) 242gal 1.1m³
Height 54″ 137.3cm
Width 49.5″ 125.7cm
Depth 42.25" 107.3cm
Image of  1100-litre Wheelie Bin
35-yard skip

If you need a bigger container for your waste, one of our hook-lift skips may be what you need. Please visit our skip page to view the full range.

Image of  35-yard skip

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