Added value features

Yorwaste have introduced a number of added value features to our recycling-led, landfill diversion waste collections and our focus this quarter is on telling existing and prospective customers about these.

This is to emphasise that Yorwaste offer more than just a bin service at a competitive price.

Following the launch of our Heritage Bins service, which intended to make bin colours harmonise with environmentally sensitive surroundings, bin colour choice has been extended to customers for other reasons, such as to complement corporate branding colours or to identify bins for different waste streams. Depending on contract size, these can also be supplied with co-branded bin labels, featuring our customers’ logos or messages.

With environmental issues in the media spotlight right now, recycling and landfill diversion make newsworthy stories. Yorwaste are happy to jointly brand marketing, social media content and PR opportunities, enabling both customers and Yorwaste to benefit from such opportunities.

An extension of this is the ability to customise infographic videos, incorporating a customer’s logo or message to emphasise waste and recycling issues for the customer’s own use. Where additional waste awareness is wanted, Yorwaste can offer waste awareness days and staff training events.

Business needs and requirements can change over time. In relation to waste and recycling, a periodic waste audit makes good sense. Our recent waste audits, together with bin optimisation, have led to a number of customers getting better value from their waste, with greater recycling helping corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives and potential savings in costs. Our Business Development Managers conduct these for prospective new customers while our Account Manager conducts these for existing customers.

Key account management is a feature our larger customers benefit from. This helps build a good and close relationship between customer and Yorwaste, enabling early identification and resolution of any issues that may arise and helping us be more responsive to customers.

Yorwaste are proud to be a local business servicing a range of businesses and organisations locally in the City of York and North Yorkshire. We view waste as a resource, recycling as much as possible and recovering the residue as energy from waste to power 40,000 homes, about half the homes in York.

Yorwaste’s local focus has a number of other benefits, providing local jobs for local people, supporting the local economy and with a local collection and treatment infrastructure, reducing carbon emissions from transporting waste.

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