£500,000 grant funding

Environmental and community projects close to Yorwaste’s waste sites have benefited from £500,000 grant funding.

Children’s play areas, a railway station, village halls and sports facilities were among 30 projects that received funding of £528,305 from Yorventure in 2016/17.

Yorventure is a registered environmental body which distributes funds generated through the landfill operations of Yorwaste.

Examples of just a few schemes to receive grants, which ranged from £600 to £39,191 were:

Strensall Play Area, York – awarded £20,150

A rundown play area was transformed to provide a range of equipment on one level, usable by both disabled and able-bodied children. The existing surface was removed and replaced by a safer turfed area, allowing better access, and seating wasinstalled around the edge for supervising adults. The refurbished play area now enables both adults and children to socialise, bringing the community together.

Scruton Station Service Platform, near Northallerton – awarded £22,280

Trains passing through this restored station were unable to stop as it lacked a platform that met current operational rail standards. A new timber platform was constructed to allow village residents to use the railway to access local market towns; school groups to visit the educational facility by rail and people to visit the station, which is the only surviving example of a North Eastern Railway wayside station.

Scarborough Gymnastics Academy – awarded £9,450

The Academy was looking to increase participation of the 9+ age group and bought new equipment which would enable the popular free running to take place safely indoors, alongside a gym fit initiative which focuses on a variety of exercises aimed at developing strength, flexibility and stamina.

St James Close Play Park, Melsonby, near Richmond – awarded £24,759

An existing play area was improved through the installation of new surfaces and modern, exciting equipment for children aged six months to ten years, including facilities for disabled children.

Ryther Village Hall, near Selby – awarded £25,000

The hall was extended to create a larger kitchen area. The hall is used by a wide range of groups and also provides a venue for events and social functions, all of whom are now benefiting from the improved facilities.

Topcliffe & Asenby Village Hall, near Thirsk – awarded £37,020

Awarded £37,020 towards the construction of a new toilet block, improvements to the foyer and access. The Hall is the only community meeting space within the village and is a lifeline for many people to socialise and access vital services. A village consultation highlighted the need for a number of improvements needed to the hall and the money was used to provide new toilet facilities and improvements to the entrance foyer, access and frontage.

Geoff Derham, Group Operations Director of Yorwaste, said: “There have been some excellent examples this year of projects which have received grants to improve the environment and the local community in general.

“We continue to be proud to have been able to provide support across our operating area of North Yorkshire.”

Yorventure Chairman Neil Carrigan said: “We are enormously grateful to Yorwaste for twenty years of contributions to the Landfill Communities Fund, amounting to almost £14 million, which have funded a marvellous range of community and environmental projects through the Yorventure fund.

“The community groups who have planned and delivered these projects have provided the most valuable social goods across North Yorkshire and the City of York using the Yorventure funding. We are grateful to them for their vision and energy over the years, and we are proud to have been able to work with them.”

Applications for Yorventure funding are now closed, as Yorwaste replaces its landfill operations with more sustainable waste management methods.

The remaining awards from the July 2017 round of applications will be announced over the next six months.

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