Matthew Jerz

Matthew Jerz had an ambition to become a web designer but luckily, for Yorwaste, he left this to his twin brother and took a different career path.

It was during his business management degree that the 23-year-old realised that he enjoyed working and help people.
So, instead of being stuck in front of a computer designing websites, he’s now helping people find work with Yorwaste, as part of his role as our Business Support Administrator.

Matthew explains: “In the first year of my degree we had to design a training course, so it was then I realised I liked the people side of business and human resources seemed the obvious fit.

“So, I shelved the idea of becoming a web designer, leaving this to my twin brother, and did a Masters’ Degree in Human Resources.

“This led to the job at Yorwaste, which I started in January 2018 and I never looked back”

Matthew’s day-to-day responsibilities include handling recruitment, drawing up employee contractors and responding to queries from our staff.

He adds: “It’s all great work but I particularly enjoy the recruitment side of things. It’s a great buzz when a candidate you spoke to during the recruitment process gets offered a job and starts at Yorwaste.”

During his spare time, Matthew enjoys swimming, running and socialising with his friends.

He says: “It’s still very early days in my career but I am ambitious and want to progress within Yorwaste.”

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