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Yorwaste has the expertise and resources to provide range of integrated waste and recycling aimed at protecting and enhancing the environment. If you know the type of service you require then select from the drop down menu.

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Yorwaste works across a number of different sectors, offering a genuine partnership approach to dealing with waste in an environmentally friendly way. If you are unsure about the type of service that will best suit your business choose a service sector from the drop down menu.

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  • Director of Sales appointed

    Waste management specialist Yorwaste has appointed Chris Leach as Director of... READ MORE
  • Update on compost fire

    Following a review of the site today by the Environment Agency... READ MORE

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Build a bottle bird feeder

Sainsbury bottle bird feeder

Guest blog by Suzy Darke, from Sainsbury Bank Money Matters Blog

Attract birds to your garden, and help the environment at the same time, this autumn with a bird feeder that can be made from a plastic bottle. READ MORE

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Recycling a plastic bottle

Recycling plastic bottles

We read with interest a video posted by The Guardian entitled ‘What to do with a plastic bottle instead of throwing it away’. READ MORE

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Recycling ideas for the office

Office recycling

Going green and recycling has come to be accepted as the mantra for good living by most educated and responsible global citizens. A typical office set up offers a load of opportunities for doing our bit for the betterment of the environment.

The office lighting, the office supplies and many more aspects of the office can be modified to make an office environmentally friendly. The go green ideas are very easy to implement. Over a period of time they make a huge contribution towards rescuing the planet earth from the huge crisis of degrading environment it is facing. READ MORE

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WEEE help you comply

Electrical recycling

The Electrical Recycling Company, which is part of the Yorwaste Group, is an expert in the safe and compliant recycling of televisions and other waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

We are one of only a small handful of cathode ray tube (CRT) processors in the UK and as well as being an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF) under the WEEE Directive Regulations, we are also BATRRT (Best Available Treatment and Recycling Techniques) compliant. READ MORE

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