As a company based in, and operating around, North Yorkshire, we take our community responsibilities seriously.

Whether this is investing in low emission vehicles or generating green electricity, our aim is to minimise the impact we have on the environment and the communities we serve.

Investing in the community is also important to us. This could involve opening a new facility which creates jobs for local people, supporting local events through sponsorship, or by providing our services free of charge.

But by far the biggest way we help the community is through our environmental body, Yorventure.

Yorventure distributes, on our behalf, grants to environmental and community projects in the vicinity of our landfill sites. The money for these grants comes through Landfill Tax Credits.

We are very proud that since Yorventure was established in 1997, grants of £12 million have been distributed to projects in Yorwaste’s areas of operation.

These grants include:

  • £250,000 – awarded to Dalby Forest to create an interactive play area.
  • £25,000 – awarded to Gouthwaite (a site of special scientific interest) to build a wall to encourage Sand Martins to breed.
  • £30,000 – awarded to The Woodland Trust to build a new bridge in Skipton Woods.
  • £30,000 – awarded to the village of Scruton to provide a new play area.

2017 marks the last year of funding through Yorventure. For further information please visit the Yorventure website.

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Did you know?

In 2016, we provided grants of over £750,000 to community and environmental projects in North Yorkshire.

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