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Yorwaste has the expertise and resources to provide range of integrated waste and recycling aimed at protecting and enhancing the environment. If you know the type of service you require then select from the drop down menu.

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Yorwaste works across a number of different sectors, offering a genuine partnership approach to dealing with waste in an environmentally friendly way. If you are unsure about the type of service that will best suit your business choose a service sector from the drop down menu.


  • Seal of approval for compost

    Yorwaste welcomes the publication of two studies confirming that the risks... READ MORE
  • Memberships

    Yorwaste is delighted to have become a member of  the York... READ MORE

Update on compost fire


Following a review of the site today by the Environment Agency and fire brigade, we are pleased to report that the compost fire at our Harewood Whin resource recovery centre, near York, is now fully… READ MORE

Environmental grants

Environmental and community project grants

Grants approaching £1m were distributed to over 42 environmental and community projects close to Yorwaste’s  landfill sites over the last 12 months. An interactive forest-based play area, a new clubhouse for a village cricket team,… READ MORE